Historical EOG Data

Attached you will see the historical EOG data for Ignite innovation Academy Pitt.  Based on these results, you will find a more committed focus to our original concepts of:

1.  Differentiated and personalized attention to students

     a.  scheduled remediation time during the day

     b.  a review of curriculum materials and how to utilize them effectively

     c.  reading assessments used to set up Corrective Reading groups

2.  Professional Development for staff

     a.  began work with a consulting group to assist with improvement measures

     b.  weekly on-site trainers

     c.  bringing in outside training for curriculum alignment

3.  Character Education to address behaviors

     a.  morning meeting time to address character education

     b.  Sanford Harmony implementation    

     c.  class visits and presentations

This is but a handful of the exciting things we are working to implement at Ignite innovation Academy as we work to turn around these performance measures.  We all know that the success of students and the school are about more than a test score, but we respect the importance of those scores as it reflects current performance.  We are working every day to continue to move Ignite forward.

Please contact Mr. Tom McCarthy, tmccarthy@ignitepitt.org, or (252)689-6744, if we can elaborate on the concepts and scores, answer any questions, or to set up a tour of our facility.