The Mission of Ignite Innovation Academy is to ignite, inspire, and promote a positive learning environment where all children can learn and be successful socially, emotionally, and academically.

Core Values

The core values of Ignite Innovation Academy - Pitt promote culture of resiliency that focuses on mitigating risk factors that may hinder academic and social growth. The six key tenets of our values are:

  1. Increase bonding or connectedness where learners, parents, staff, and the community are responsible, involved partners in the educational process and achievement of all children.
  2. Set and communicate high and realistic expectations for academics and character that are fostered in interest-based and service-based learning opportunities.
  3. Teach life skills such as critical thinking, conflict resolution, teamwork, etc. in order to help students navigate their learning environments.
  4. Provide opportunities for meaningful participation through project-based learning, service projects, and some ownership of their learning.
  5. Set clear goals and boundaries in order to ensure accountability and fairness.
  6. Provide care and support through a caring relationship structure between all educational stakeholders.